Divisive, Violent Rhetoric Causes Death

So, I finally heard it. I heard someone on TV earlier actually say that all of the divisive, violent rhetoric, coming from Joe Biden and his minions is leading to real-world violence towards Republicans. The people on TV were discussing the murder of the 18 year old in North Dakota by an older guy that committed the murder because the young man was a “Republican”. What was interesting is a fact raised that none of the major news outlets (TV) gave this story a single second of airtime and how different that would be if the circumstances were switched (that’s probably true). I wonder what Joe will do when he no longer controls the House or Senate after the election this year? Will he call the election “rigged”? Will he encourage his loser sycophants to not accept the outcome? threaten to activate the National Guard? That last one sounds silly but I am referring to Joe Biden here.

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