Re-Experiencing the Mariel Boat Lift, Venezuelan Style

Raise your hand if you’re old enough to remember the Mariel boat lift in 1980 where thousands of Cubans came across the strait to Florida. What happened there was that Fidel Castro opened the doors of his prisons and basically kicked them out of his country. When most people think “Cuba” and “criminals” they believe that these are political prisoners but no, thieves, murderers, rapists…all sorts were allowed to traverse the 90 miles from Cuba to Florida.

Today, it’s Venezuelans that are trying to enter this country by the hundreds and thousands and it’s not all because of the economic disaster that is Venezuela. Maduro is doing the same thing that Castro did and is kicking his criminal element out as well. What will they do when they get here? Well DHS has a “catch and release” program so, of course, they’ll be bussed or flown to wherever they want to go. If you were a criminal, where in the U.S. would you prefer to be: A large city where you might find people that not only speak your language but would be willing to help you disappear as well? Under Donald Trump there was a real effort, utilizing ICE and other federal agencies to arrest and deport criminals that are here illegally. Biden has crippled ICE and those agencies that risked life and limb to protect American citizens from these thugs and animals.

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