Are We on the Verge of a Civil War?

I continue to hear that we, in the United States, are on the verge of a Civil War. Where does this come from?Well there are those usual suspects from social media which, anyone that gives credence to anyone there should actually be deported. the others are members of the media which seem to be perfectly happy to announce that any time now, countdown imminent, there will be troops mobilizing all around the country. Some of those will be conservative populists , the remainder won’t matter because none of those people have any guns, or very few, and were trained on video games. The worst purveryor of this is our President, Joe Biden who keeps warning those that might oppose him is that he has the F-15’s and the nuclear weapons. That leaves the majority of the country perplexed as to the intent of this president in all matters, domestic and foreign. But before we have a war, could we get a decent name for it? The British have had several in their history, one of the most famous being the “War of the Roses”. I propose, for our future Civil War, instead of calling it, “The Civil War” like we did the last one (boring!) we call it something like the “War of the Daffodils”.

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