The Democrats Have no Platform for the People.

Are we just stupid? I mean, does it make sense to anyone that Democrats believe they can retain both houses of Congress with only two themes: abortion and January 6. Yes, it’s true that pretty much all any of us hear from democratic candidates is how bad the Dobbs decision is for women’s reproductive health when all it does is return those decisions to individual voters in individual states. Something I would like to see a Republican candidate do, and they may, I just never see, hear, or read about it is whether their opponent believes there should be any restrictions, at all, to abortion, including partial birth abortion. How about the media, which should be asking candidates of both parties these questions? Absent as far as Democratic candidates go. January 6th is the Democrats other ugly man as they continue to attempt to paint all Republicans as extremists, insurrectionists, seditionists, and yes, terrorists. Republicans and conservatives though, did not recently have a huge, made-for-tv event that evoked for many, if not all, the horror of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust which was not caused by Hitlers opponents, in case you didn’t know.

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