It’s Biden’s Price Hike, not Putins

What in the world did we do to deserve Joe Biden as President? Okay, Donald Trump was a bit thin skinned when it came to taking criticism, but when he left office in January 2021, inflation was at 1.4% and gasoline was $2.28 per gallon.Now inflation is at 8.3% and even though gasoline proces have dipped to just below $4 per gallon recently, it’s still high and will be going higher this fall for two promary reasons: 1) The ending of dumping oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve and 2) People will start more normal driving patterns in the fall/winter. Expect the national average to be closer to $5 per gallon by Christmas. So with all of this going on, who’s to blame? How many people/corporations has the Biden administration blamed for their mistakes in managing the economy? Pretty much everyone but themselves and recently, the President returned to his old enemy, gas stations that are artificially keeping the price of gasoline high. This would be funny if it weren’t true. He’s back to blaming Big Oil for the prices at gas stations when most gas stations are independently owned. So, it must mean the “Mom ‘n Pop” businesses that make almost nothing fro the sale of gasoline, who are the real pirates here. How do they stay in business? They have convenience stores attached. But instead of blaming poor policy by an inept administration, let’s blame everyone else.

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