Sharing the Wealth (and Pain)

It’s interesting the takes we see from either side on the immigration issue. Currently, governors Abbott (TX), Ducey (AZ), and DeSantis (FL) are taking steaming handfuls of disinformation from their Democrat opponents. What all should be mindful of is none of these governors are quoted as being against immigration, just the open borders policy that the Biden administration has implemented, flooding states like Texas and Arizona, as well as indirectly Florida(relocating) having these states not only absorb the population but also provide the services (education and health, primarily) with no assistance from the federal governent whatsoever. some punditry on TV have stated that the relocation efforts by these governors to so called sanctuary cities is doing nothing but hurting these immigrants, but probably not because in some cases, even what we may consider a less than attractive place to live mainly due to crime, might be a paradise based on which country they are escaping. But the critics miss the point as Megyn Kelly (formerly Fox and NBC) so well says:

What they don’t get is Abbott et al are not trying to teach a lesson to the migrants. They’re trying to teach a lesson to the Ds whose policies are overwhelming the border (& now other towns).

A hard lesson to learn for those NIMBY’s (remember Martha’s Vineyard?)

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