Democrats Can’t Keep Up the Lie

Are Democrats starting to realize that their own lies about keeping the Senate and possibly the house, are just that, lies,.and they need to do something to salvage their campaign now, or it will really be too late in a couple of weeks. For instance, Fetterman in Pennsylvania has scrubbed his site of his support for BLM. Who can blame him? Would anyone want to be associated with a group that account account for over $90 million in donations? And “Beto” O’Rourke, as I wrote earlier, is distancing himself from President Biden. I should say, “running away” because that’s closer to reality/ He’s trying to rebrand himself as something he’s never been. Same out here in Arizona with Mark Kelly. Sure he’s a former Navy pilot and astronaut but his politics are far left wing. He can trot out all of his military heroism narrative but no one here in Arizona wants someone that votes with his constituents in mind and not just to please the Senate Majority Leader, or President. that’a just 3 of many races that will not be nail biters on election day in November.

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