Press Corps Actually Acts Like a Press Corp (for Once)

Well, it only took the White House Press Corps a year and a half to realize there are instances when things the president says, or does (handshaking with a ghost?) deserves more than a nod, if even that. This is not a true press that os there to challenge authority and protect the American people. No. this is a press corps that has been all about protecting the presdient, as lomngas that president is a democrat. Sure there were eyebrows raised at Uncle Joe’s “Nuremberg Night” speech a few weeks ago but consider had the man behind the lectern been Donald Trump? It would still be front page news. Now, at a conference on hunger, Biden calls for a member of Congress to be recognized, multiple times, the problem being, she’s dead, having died in a car accident almost 2 months ago. Even the Press Secretary who’s always at a. loss to explain strange things the president says or does, was even worse at explaining that to reporters. Will the White House Press Corps. continue to play hardball or will, once this incident dies down, go back to being the residents pet cat? I think the later.

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