State Department Warns U.S. Citizens to Leave Russia

There’s more to this than they are telling us but warning all U.S. citizens to leave Russia says a lot. We all know by now that the war in the Ukraine is not going how Russian, or anyone for that matter, thought it would and now after almost. months, Russia is having to conscript men for its army.Another part of the warning from the State Department is for those that hold. dual citizenship: get out while you can because the U.S. is uncertain whether or not the Russian government will attempt to conscript those U.S. citizens. Imagine the diplomatic stink that would raise. What would our response be? U.S. companies have a lot of money invested in Russia and I just can’t see all of the businesses shutting down or severely curtailing business and the U..S. citizens there airlifted home (like Afghanistan. Oh, wait…).

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