All Crime Occurs (on TV) in New York

Why are all the cop shows, the good ones anyway, set in the east coast, like New York? Is this something New Yorkers have pride in that there city is known as the assault, rape, murder capitol of Hollywood? If I were Mayor of that city, I would look to have my city placed in a better light. Wouldn’t you? If all we had to go by were fictional law enforcement shows, then New York and Chicago would be the worst cities on the planet. Well, then, because it’s cheaper to make, Los Angeles. No relocation of cast and crew. Now that I’ve succently addressed this 🤠 how about that all religious characters on TV happen t be Catholic? Consider.

2 thoughts on “All Crime Occurs (on TV) in New York

    • I’m not sure about that “Law and Order”, “SVU”, and a few others are in fact filmed in New York. Yes, there’a lots of crime dramas filmed in Canada.I think most of the original crime dramas on “Lifetime” are filend in Canada.


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