There’s Statistics, and Government Shmatistics

Call me skeptical, especially when I see anything labeled “statistics” that comes from the government. It doesn’t matter which party is in power, all want to be able to show their constituency that their policies are best for the American people.Sometimes it’s true. There have been policies under both Democratic and Republican administrations that were ultimately beneficial.

During Trump’s administration, I always like highlighting the lessening of Federal Regulations. Remember when they did the big “show” at the White House when it was announced that no, unlike what the president wanted, the administration did not meet the delete 2 regulations for every new one. No, what they did was delete 22 old ones for every new one. Trumps people did a good visual showing boxes of “regulations” that were no longer existent and how, at that pace, we would be back to a regulatory level of 1979, soon.

When accorded a monetary value, we’re looking at trillions of dollars in regulation on individuals and business. It was, in fact, a stealth tax cut and if you remember, the opposition wasn’t happy about Trump endangering the lives of “the children”.

Go back to Barack Obama and you see just the opposite. Regulatory government was the cause celeb for 8 years and all that did was place us into the slowest recovery from a recession (2008) since World War II with GDP averaging around 2% for that entire time. Today, we see the same mindset. in the Biden administration: We can spend our way out of any economic turmoil and if we have to, we’ll find someone to blame (Mom and Pop gas stations) to take the focus off our incompetence. Remember when Barak Obaa stood up in from t of America and the world telling business that they owed the government because of all the infrastructure government put in place to support business? the “you didn’t build that” business speech. The media loved oit, and ran with it and I still find Democrats that are proud of that speech. what he(Obama) forgot to mention was that the infrastructure was paid for by taxes from individuals (property taxes) and business (property taxes, et al).

Wow, I went way out of the way to get where I really wanted and that’s Consumer Price Index, or what we regularly call, “inflation”. I guess I was attempting to lay some groundwork on what the government does and says are sometimes 2 different things and we can’t believe what they are telling us when they don’t lay out a complete picture. We keep hearing “8.5%” or more recently “8.3%” as the CPI but what does that mean? Well, it’s a “national average” meaning some locales are higher, some are lower. Where I live? 10%, and we’re not the highest in our state. If you want a more accurate view of inflation where you live, you can calculate CPI year over year using the method described here. It may take a little effort to find the price of say, eggs from last year to this one, but it can be done. Again, this will give you a better picture where you live.

So the over 8% inflation we’re being told about and are shown how much money that is costing the average family per year ($4,200/yr) is in fact probably on the low end. In fact, the real average around the country, is probably closer to 11%. you’ll never hear that from the government nor will the media, in general admit to this as well. there are some economists that will dare to tell the truth but it’s rare to see them on TV because the narrative doesn’t match the one the media is attempting to convince everyone of at the time. Or politicians.

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