Why Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face?

This makes no sense. It’s loike some are waving a sword in Russia’s face, daring them to do something. Which they could. the question keeps coming up as to why Russia would want to sabotage their own pipeline goes mostly unanswered except that may they want to drive the price up. By sabotage? They’d already shut off delivery to western Europe and if they wanted more money, just shutting down is enough extortion to get someone’s attention. That there were Russian ships in the area pf the leaks prove nothing either, as the linked article mentions because there’s Russian ships in those areas all the time. I’m no apologist for Russia, but before anyone. points fingers, it’s best to have more proof than ships in the area. Is it possible that Russia woulf sabotage their own pipelines? Sure, I guess. It doesn’t make sense if Russia wanted to increase the price because repairs aren’t going to happen overnight and with them already having shut off the pipelines, they had, at least for now, the upper hand in any negotiation concerning price or removing any sanctions deleterious to Russia. Remember: Just because a few intelligence sources speculate doesn’t mean it’s fact. Before pointing fingers in an already turbulent relationship, be 100% sure.

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