A Skeptics Life

It’s becoming much easier to be a skeptic as I’ve grown older. There were days when I was, I don;t know, 5 that I believed in Santa Claus and my parent did nothing to dissuade me of tht belief. I remember one Christmas morning that there was some heavy frost/light snow on the ground (El Paso, Texas) and I swear I saw the markings of the runners of Santa’s sleigh. I went inside and had my Dad come out and he was “Yep, looks like Santa was here for sure last night”. Again, I was 5. you grow into your teen years and may become socially and politically active in your school and even community. You’ve been there, man, you’ve seen it. The world is a horrible place and we have to [fill in the blank] or humanity will be lost. As a kid, for me it was Vietnam, the first nightly televised war, and because I always considered myself an environmentalist, the threat of global cooling. Yes cooling. Time and Newsweek (those were weekly magazines you received in the mail (the post office type of mail)) and instead of global warming, the same scientists that today warn of “climate change” were saying something completely different. a lack of skepticism in the population at large is the reason there is no agreement in this area (forget what the media tries to convince you of. There is literally NO CONSENSUS concerning climate change). So time passes and you’ve been to university (or not) but are out in the workforce and all of those teenage angst issues are shown to be just that: juvenile pursuits. What you believed at 15 sometimes becomes only a wish when you now have to support yourself, and ,maybe a family as well. As Sir Winston Churchill so eloquently said: If You Are not a Liberal when you are young, You have no heart, and If you are not a Conservative when old, you have no brain’. What Im saying here is that as a person matures, they become more skeptical of thoughts and ideas they readily accepted when they were young. Why? Life gets in the way of activism. And when you’re 40 and spilling out into the streets throwing rocks and bricks at the police? You know that the expensive university your parents are still paying off for you did nothing to raise your awareness of right and wrong. Of moral or immoral. You’re still 5.

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