It’s “Get Out of Town Before More Bad News Drops” Day

Anyone know if uncle Joe is still in the White House or if he’s left for home in Delaware because we could certinly use some good news heading into the weekend., Earlier this morning, the fire that rages known as inflation had more gasoline thrown upon it as the PCE Index rose to 4.9% last month indicating that nothing the government has done to attempt to ease inflation has worked. The Fed has raised interest rates to around 3.25% but with the PCS (including food and fuel) being at 6.2, economists don’t expect the Fed to be of any assistance until the interest rate matches PCE. Well, some good news this week is that Biden is going to have to modify his student loan forgiveness program because some of that debt is held privately and the administration cannot force banks that hold these loans to take losses. Of course this will enrage some of those on the hill that believe all student debt should be forgiven. this order is illegal (unconstitutional) on it’s face and is really expected to go no where, fast. Why is this good? Because if this were to be allowed to happen, it would look like more spending which affects what exactly? Inflation. I hear they’re looking at replacing Joe with the wax figurine from Madame Trousseaus for public events.

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