Peace and Prosperity? Oh, Heck No.

Well, there’s actually other news beyond the aftermath of hurricane Ian. I d have empathy for those affected and as usual, I made a monetary donation to help.But right now, there’s really not much else for these people to talk about, is there? The video shown is awful as expected and it appears that unless there’s a Second Coming, that’s about all we’re going to be able to see over the weekend. The real story that everyome should be paying attention to is the escalation of the Russian conflict in Ukraine with Russia formally annexing four areas of Ukraine that they currently occupy. Now that at least Putin believes these are “Russian territory”, as the Ukraine army chases the Russians out of these same, what does Putin do? That’s the scary part to think about. there’s the continuing war of words with Biden telling Putin today he’d better not mess with any nearby NATO countries, The words are becoming harsh and leads me to believe that someone is looking to escalate this beyond where it is and that person, in my mind, isn’t only Putin.

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