The Green Grift

I often make fun of “green initiatives” because when I hear or read about them, I often ask myself, Have these people thought this through? More often than not, the answer is no, they haven’t. It’s like you go and buy a house, and only see a picture of the front of the house before deciding to put your hard earned money into this house. You have no idea what the inside looks like, if it might require substantial repairs before you could get a permit for habitation. That’s fine because, you know, the house looks good. Green initiatives are a lot like this: the actual costs are really made up. Again: The costs for instituting major green energy initiatives are fabricated from whole cloth. No one can possibly know the ultimate costs for any of these “technologies”. Enter the State of New Jersey who recently announced their goal of powering 10 million (10,000,000) homes by wind. Offshore wind. Imagine, one day in the near future, for you that live by the Jersey shore, and see how many monstrous windmills are decorating your ocean view which you probably paid a lot of money to get. Here’s what it will look like: An offshore windmill, commercial windmill, will generate approximately 8 megawatts of power, enough to power 6 homes for a year. that’s one windmill and that doesn’t take any other issues that may befall into consideration. From there, just do the math, right? If one windmill will power 6 homes, how many will it take to power 10 million homes? Oh wait! That’s a minimum isn’t it because there’s always going to be some down for maintenance, or due to weather factors. So let’s take that number and double it. What’s the length of shoreline that belongs to New Jersey before they begin to interfere with their neighbors? But here’s the question all politicians that propose these should have to answer first: Can we get the same or better utilizing fossil fuels? You won’t get a clear answer and you can be certain that the views that are spoiled will be yours and not affect any of the politicians that voted yes.

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