What’s That Called Again?

Someone remind me. What’s it called when government demands subjugation and threatens business with consequences if they do not participate? To keep the autocrats happy, business, some grudgingly agree to the demands mainly because that same authority have 1)threatened their profits or 2)promised them increased profits. The end is that there is government and business working hand-in-hand to intimidate the populace to follow certain policies or else. In this case, their livelihoods which s the first step in losing their freedom. It’s also known as “fascism”.

Since when has the government the authority to dictate to it’s populace what drugs they must put into their bodies for ”the common good”? There’s an epidemic that, depending on the season of the year, affects every human being around the world. There is even a vaccine for it and a new vaccine every year (sometimes more than one) because variants arise. Yet no government requires it’s populace to be vaccinated against it. They encourage the vaccination, but have never threatened anyone, for not receiving it. I am referring to influenza. I cannot think of anyone, in my entire life, whose job was threatened, or lost their job, because they didn’t receive the yearly flu vaccine. People around the world, in those “western democracies”, those “cradles of freedom” are oj the run now because government has said, that unless you’re properly vaccinated, you cannot work, or go to school, or go shopping for groceries, or, well, anything else. the idea behind this pandemic seems to be, “How much can we get away with, with respect to individual rights as described in the Bill of Rights?” As it worked out, if you make people fearful of just opening their door to let fresh air in, you can probably get people to willingly give up their rights, something they would otherwise never consider. They worked with tech companies in the. last Presidential electin to censor ideas they didn’t like. Yep, they were able to just ignore the 1st Amendment completely. Right now, you only get a single chance because your protector of your rights if working on ways that there would be no do-overs.

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