Will Stacey Abrams Finally Concede?

Who is it they (being the media) always refer to as being election deniers, or accusers of vote rigging in 2020? Well, those evil 75 million Trump voters that’s who. Everyone knows that a guy campaigning from his basement was going to generate 6 or 7 million more votes than a guy that was in 6 states per day. Right? There’s never been a time when a candidate would complain so hard about losing an election, to the point of denying the election itself was fair and had no outside(foreign) influences. Or were there? Who was it that lost the 2016 election and still blames Russian interference?, among over 20 other people, institutions she’s blames (I might be short a few). Oh, yes! Hillary Clinton. Even recently as we all know she’s considering a 3rd defeat for the presidency, she cant stand that there might have been a better way to win than accuse her opponent of being a Russian asset. Then there’s Stacey Abrams, who ran for governor of Georgia in 2018 and since her loss (by 50K votes) has never conceded her loss. She’s blames her loss on racism mostly in that black voters were prevented from voting for her. In perspective with Trumps win in 2016, she lost by a huge number. Remember: Trump won a national election by some 77K votes. But now it looks like Abrams has lost her lawsuit based on the her previous attempt to become governor of Georgia, will she now concede? there are weeks left before the official election across the country andI hope everyone is getting out and voting at least once. If you live in a BLUE state, you can probably get away with more than once. For Stacey Abrams> She’s pretty far behind the incumbent, Kemp, right now and this court loss will not help her drive voters to the polling booth for her.

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