Get Vaccinated or (and?) DIe

Why would the government want to hide this number from the public? That’s a stupid question isn’t it? The reporting of this, if true, doesn’t breed confidence and only continues to add to speculation, if not downright conspiracy theories surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. As I’ve written before, even recently, we have no data on any short or long term adverse affects of these mRNA vaccines. We are the guinea pigs for that research as I sit here. Maybe in five years or so will we see the numbers of those who died or had serious adverse conditions because of these vaccines. In the meantime, unless and until we have transparent government that works for the people and not for their own aggrandizement. Let’s just add a little suspicion this way: does anyone believe that of the numbers of deaths and/or serious complications were small that the government would hesitate for a second to release them?

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