Sixty Years Ago, We Almost Exchanged Missiles with Russia. Now?

There’s a lot of segments on the news this evening about Ukraine and the bellicose Republicans and Democrats that are pushing us closer and closer to what could be a nuclear conflict. No, seriously, a nuclear conflict with Russia, something we haven’t seen for 60 years (this month!). I remember what is now known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was in grade school and of course, knew nothing about any world events other than coming home from school one day and my mother packing suitcases. My Dad was in the Air Force, specifically Strategic Air Command (SAC), the nuclear response (offense?) to Russia or any other nuclear threat. In 1962, it was Russia. Right now, we’re sitting in a similar situation the exception being we don’t have the leadership required to actually avoid an escalation of a ground war in Ukraine to an exchange of nuclear missiles.We can sit and peruse our Twitter timelines or watch Tik Tok videos and not know that in eleven minutes, nuclear warheads will be detonating over all of our major cities. The EMP, taking out electricity (“Internet” got most of you), will be you clue something has happened.

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