Government and $Crypto$

This is just petty and stupid. Kim Kardashian is fined $1.27 million for “illegally promoting” a cryptocurrency. Apparently our government doesn’t think any of us are smart enugh to do our homework before investing in anything and therefore, anyone promoting something that may be a shaky investment should be punished accordingly. Never mins that the government itself wanted to take over cryptocurrency. Why? If the government doesn’t control the currency then the government may not tell you how you may use, invest, spend, whatever that same currency. Plus, and here’s the big one, they can’t tax what is invisible to them, can they? I’m not promoting tax evasion here but it’s clear that these currencies are generally unknown to most governments and that’s why they are all in a rush to be the broker. I have no ide why anyone would ant to use any of these once they’re “owned” by some government because the way government already is with our money, we want them as far away as possible.

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