I Still Trust Science, Just Not Some Purveyors

I trust science, or should I say, The Scientific Method because science itself has been pretty disappointing in the last couple of years. Yes, all of the disinformation and outright misinformation promoted by our government and those agencies (NIH, CDC, FDA) most respected, responsible for keeping the pubic informed, in fact became mouthpieces for political ideologues as well as “Big Pharma”. Why would the FDA delay approval of the mRNA vaccine until after the 2020 election when it was ready to be deployed before? Why did the CDC keep with thr Teachers Unions about masking of children and closing of schools when all of the available science at the time showed that none of what was being done was either useful or necessary?I sont think I;m part of a minority. I beleive it’s goinf to be a long while before people in general begin trusting “science” again.

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