Jimmy Carter Told Us to Put on a Sweater

OPEC, this week, decided to lower oil production by 2 ,million barrels a day. The price of gas in our country had already been increasing since the “lows”of mid-summer(still being $1.50 over when Trump left office). Remember that Joe promised us from his basement (campaign trail?) that he was going to remake America into a country non-dependent on fossil fuels and so one his first day as president, did what he could to destroy the American oil industry and remake energy in America to look like what major European countries have been doing. How’s that going for those countries now as they run into the jills in evert country to chop down as many tree as possible to be able to heat their homes but have forgotten they need wood stoves to make all f this work. Europe is in trouble this winter because they elected governments, years ago, that bought into societal suicide. In 2020, the U.S. did as well.

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