Is Joe Fast Talking (Walking) to War?

A lot of people attend a fundraiser for their favoorite ideology, paying a lot of money to hear the leader of that party speak. When that speaker does get up on the podium, behind the lectern, he begins to speak to the crowd that the world is close to nuclear armageddon. The crowd goes silent and the leader continues that we are at a crossroads. Everyone in the room knows what he’s speaking of as an adversary involved in a land war in eastern Europe, losing that war, has threatened to use those weapons to end the war. The part leader at the party fundraiser has warned this country to nor think about it but to no avail. Now, by calling what could happen nuclear armageddon., this leader has raised the stakes, ensuring his country being involved once the first missile is launched. I wonder what the Joint Chiefs think of this and the other leaders in his party. Is this senile president about to lead us into a nuclear exchange with Russia? Where’s Trump when we needed him. Oh, yeah, He was the crazy one.

One thought on “Is Joe Fast Talking (Walking) to War?

  1. The nuclear release procedure of the US and Russia are almost identical, they were developed together in 1962. Nuclear release can only occur when the military presents the political leadership with a number of options., without these no release is possible. The Russians have a nuclear briefcase, Cheget ((named after a mountain) similar to the American Nuclear Football. This is a communications device, it can’t be used to fire nuclear weapons. The actual release codes are kept by the military. Just like in the US, the briefcase is there to allow a President to communicate with the military over a secured line, it is nothing more than a big phone. In both countries, the final decision to deploy nuclear weapons lies with the military. These systems were created jointly by the US and the Soviet Union in 1962 as a result of a meeting between Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Lemnitzer, and the Supreme Commander of the Unified Armed Forces of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, Marshal of the Soviet Union Grechko. These protocols are known as the Berlin Accords.


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