Someone called Joe, or “Corn Pop”

Whether it’s a nuclear showdown with Russia, or making deals with our enemies or adversaries , you can put money in Vegas that Joe Biden will screw it u to . Not only does he give our enemies words to strike at us he’s so stupid he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. That’s like a 4 year old isn’t it and how much longer can we have a 4 year old in charge of the country? I’ve tried to give Biden a break but as time goes on, he shows how incompetent he is to lead our country. Think about a leader would actively disparage. other counties then go begging them to help us, with our gas prices? So OPEC decided to lower its output by 2 million barrels per day which will be absorbed by Europe and the U.S. Europe is already in trouble due ti ther own incompetence and it loks like ?joe wants Americans to freeze to death as well.

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