Too Late for Democrats to Address Policing and Crime

Is it just me or have Democrats, who’ve been silent on the subject for a couple of years, now that it looks like they may at least lose theHouse, are suddenly pro-police? Not that all Democrats came out for police defunding or “restructuring” but ebough did, and the remainder, were silent on the topic even when asked directly by local reporters. Now, the silent majority want us to believe that in fact they were always pro-police. The ads I’m viewing on TV make sure the voter knows that the candidate was never for defunding the police and has always backed law enforcement. Of coure none of them will answer why they weren’t vocal on the issue when defunding police was all that was talked about after the death of George Floyd. Now that jobs are on the line, it has become important to make oneself clear on where the candidate has always stood. Which appears to most of us on a fence, waiting to see which way the wind will blow. With the rise in crime everywhere in the country, it’s no surprise that surveys show 72% ar concerned about the rise in crime in the last couple of years. Who’s been in charge at the Federal level?

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