Trust Me

Remember all of the ”Trust me” t-shirts? Trust me, I’m a Doctor. Trust me, I’m a Lawyer, as a couple of examples. Well amongst all my Fender and Gibson t-shirts , I found my own “Trust me” t-shirt. I barely remember buying it and it’s in perfect shape probably having been worn maybe 2 or 3 times. It reads, “Trust me, I’m a Cowboy”. Why would anyone trust a cowboy? Simply, put, it’s a person that’s placed aside societal norms to live by a simple code of honesty, charity, and loyalty to their friends and of course, love of family. That may seem ancient morality to some, but it’s what formed our country and allowed us to become a great country. At least at one time. Maybe we can get back to that in the future. Don’t despair, there’s a lot of us around, Cowboys.

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