What Voters Care About

The other “issue” thst seems to dominate Democratic campaigns currently is “January 6”. That being the riot that occurred at the Capitol in 2021 and has allowed the Democrats to preen on camera for a year now “investigating” this “insurrection”. First, yes, this was an unspeakable act for anyone to participate in, no matter party affiliation. Second, there was no “insurrection” as there were no armed people among the rioters. Third, Capitol Police opened the doors and allowed people to wander around the halls. Where’s the video of the violence by these rioters? Compare this to the Summer of 2020. Where’s that investigation, by the way? But, during these mid-terms, along with abortion, this is what Democrats have to offer the voters that are struggling to pay utility, grocery, gasoline, and other bills as well as worrying about just walking down the street in their town without being assaulted. January 6th barely registers in any voter surveys and abortion is as low or lower on voters minds. The President, today in a speech said tht abortion was his number one priority for the beginning of the year. No kidding. He’s promising to “codify” Roe v Wade. People were applauding, although the crowd was tiny at best. Nancy Pelosi still believes, at least she says this in interviews, that the Democrats will hold both Houses of Congress. I think she’s in wishful mode rather than tracking with reality. T/he issues voters care about have Republicans up double digits over Democrats, who only seem to care about “issues” that voters don’t.

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