Why Do You Believe?

I sometimes hear questions from people that I don’t quite understand. For instance, “Why (or how) did you choose the god you believe in”? I think that most people today that believe in any sort of god, were raised that way and have never known anything different.Unlike in our past where people were conquered and forced to take on their new masters’ god(s). The current large religions today, Christianity and Islam, have that history. Of course, people are (mostly) free today to decide what they want to believe or not. So it’s perfectly reasonable that someone chose one belief over another and the reasons for doing so are numerous. I used to make fun of questions like that but no longer because the circumstances are always more complicated than what they look like, Still, i find it curious that someone would even have to ask a question as to why or how someone came to believe in whatever thry do believe in at the time/

One thought on “Why Do You Believe?

  1. I’ve heard some believers say” If it weren’t for god, I just couldn’t get out of bed in the morning”

    That’s fine. But for me, god or no god, I still gotta get up and pee.

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