Democrats are Scraping Bottom

Is it really all over for Democrats this cycle? It sure seems like it. The number one issue for Americans this election year is inflation and what is the number one issue the Democrats are campaigning on? Abortion. What does that say about the Democratic party? They’re deaf and dumb towards issues that even a majority of Democratic voters are concerned about. Crime? Immigration? Not even those seem to be noticed by the average Democrat candidate and when thryre asked, it’s simply some sort of answer that doesn’t make the average person believe that they’ve been considered at all. I know I’m nt alone when I think that these candidates cannot be that far out of touch being that inflation, crime, immigration, education, are stories that are all over the news, daily. Maybe so. Maybe they have a super spectacular October Surprise that will turn the tide back their way. That would mean most of the country being blind as well so I am doubtful. Maybe it’s on purpose? Why would anyone go through a brutal campaign to lose? Curious.

One thought on “Democrats are Scraping Bottom

  1. The Dems know they’ve turned off most independents, so are pushing the issues that might motivate their disillusioned left-wing base to actually vote. The hope is to salvage a few congressional seats here or there.


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