Let’s Turn off the Outrage Machine

Conservatives are familiar being deplatformed on social media. How many have been banned on youTube and/or Instagram as well as Twitter or Facebook? Then there’s the platforms that offer a way to pay for content that do even more damage to creators by denying paymentd thst mny of these depend on as these channels are their income. Once you can’t get paid, then you’re essentially finished no matter if YouTube or whoever allows the contact back on their platform. People have been known to make some awful statement and maybe they do deserve a slap on the wrist for being outrageous, even offensive. But to completely cancel them? That’s wrong. I may not like something a person says. I may consider it sexist or racist, but that shouldn’t allow me to have that person silenced. What it should do is spur those that disagree to more conversation. Piling on, mobbing, cancelling, does nothing to solve what may be a problem of education with some people.Let’s stop the outrage machine and fire up the reason engine. We might have a lot better outcome if we did.

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