Atheism is Easy. Somewhere.

Are we still, as a species, a society (societies?), stuck in the miasma of our ancestors, where people were actually put to death simply because they questioned not only the potency, but the very existence of the gods of that age in which the lived. Atheism has existed in society forever, and only in recent decades has non-belief in any form of the supernatural become moderately accepted with our peers. There are still countries where it is illegal to be an atheist and the punishment for non-believers in those countries is death. How awful, everyone thinks but no one considers how they, individually, react to the fact of an atheist in their midst. Shunning? How about being first on the list for being laid off work and last to be recalled, if ever. And these aren’t the most ardent of believers, just those that claim belief and maybe show up to a gathering of believers during some high holy days. They are mostly ignorant about what they claim to believe but that’s okay, because of the word, belief.

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