How does Your Pastor Afford $5K Suits?

When religious people pray to whatever god(s) thay believe in, are they really in expectation of a positive outcome? By that, if someone prays for help paying their rent, and. friend arrives jut in time to fill the gap, is that due to prayer or was that friend already in the know about those financial circumstances? The New Twstamwnt tells Christians all they need to know in Mark 11:23-24 and entire Christrian movements (“Faith movement”) have been base on just this one area of scripture. Some pasors hae become ridiculously rich, not from “god” but from those they have taken the last penny from in hope that “god” would bless them as well. “Miracles will happen” if you only place your last dollar in th basket being passed around. “God will heal you of your awful disease” if you will only will your hime to us after you die.And so we all believe that if “Pastor X” can receive of all god’s blessings, why can’t I? And the grift continues generation after generation. Yes, “god” will prosper some. Those willing to steal from their fellows.

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