Religion is a Grave

If you don’t believe, why not just say so? Sure, as I’ve mentioned, there are countries that will sentence a person to death for being an atheist and sure, there are some social downsides here in America (far from the death penalty) but does anyone really want to hang out with folks that refuse to allow their “friends” to have their own system of belief, or in this case, non-belief? Some protestant sects don’t believe Roman Catholics are truly Christian. Let’s not forget Sunni and Shiite Muslims. These are still at war with each other. Yemen, anyone? Lebanon, particularly Beirut, became a killing field between Christians and Muslims beginning in the early 1980’s. Before that, Beirut was known as the “Paris of the Middle East”. It became rubble. How many people have died for a belief and yet these same theocrats want to also kill those that refuse to either believe, or convert? Religious belief causes nothing but misery for the populations under it;s control and should be relegated to it’s ancient grave where they all began. With graves of the people that just wanted to live in peace.

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