The Business of Religion

When you’ve been in a bad way, have others come to your aid? You have a small financial problem and of course your friends rally around to raise $1,000 to pay off that bill. No? Me either.I was out of work for over a year one time and my friends from church would offer to “pray for me”. that “god” would find the path for me (a job). I was even still tithing through my unemployment because I really believed “god” would be at my aid if I just followed faithfully., Silence. Not only from “god” but my fellow congregants, some of which had ties into the community that could’ve securied me a job to help pay my bills. Although many invited me over to after-church dinner, none would offer to recommend me for the most basic of positions.But then, as I discovered, I wasn’t part of the “inner circle” where the business of religion actually took place. By then I was already in doubt about my faith. This was just one more nail in it;s ancient coffin. Religion, I determined, was a business, with certain people on the inside that reaped the rewards that the remainder of us paid for, One more of many straws that over time, nade me consider non-belief as it really looked to me that there was nothing to believe in at all.

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