Will the Media Toss Biden After Mid-Terms?

Anyone that hasn’t been in a coma the last 3 years know that the media have done all they can to protect first, the Biden candidacy and then, to protect his presidency. Of course, as hard as they tried, they couldn’t hide his blunders like Afghanistan, or even his anti-fossil fuel stance as the price of gasoline rose to $5 a gallon. Every gaffe, even his infamous “red speech” (which I refer to as his Nuremberg speech), which shocked the nation as a whole, received. little critical commentary from his sycophants, the media. This past summer, there was hope for the media in the Dobbs decision, which nullified Roe v Wade. The media made hay as much as possible, attempting to blame Republicans for the dismay of their pro-choice friends but as hard as they pushed the issue, it never overcame the 800 pound Gorilla: inflation, and his little brother: crime. In some constituencies, there were actually 2 800 pound Gorillas. That’s how bad crime has become. As the mid-terms have approached, it;s become clear to the media that they cannot hide Biden from himself or his policies and even though it seems to just be whispers now, the grumbling among the fourth estate resembles tremors that my occur just before the big one. And that big one will bw on November 8. How will the media respond to not just a red wave, but an actual Tsunami that is now predicted from various statistical analyses tht seem to indicate a larger number of Republican victories in the House than originally thought possible. Some of these in what were once “safe” districts. The Senate looks better as well. Two surveys indicate a possible 53-47 majority for the Republicans. So what’s a media that has been orotecting this president for the last 3 years to do? Well, they’ll immediately throw him under the bus as soon as they stop crying about a “rigged election”. After November, pay attention to how little the media will make effort to protect and hide Biden from himself. Oh, there will be some that will try to make excuse, but those voices will be few and hard to hear over the calls for Joe to Go.

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