Supporting Law Enforcement

With all of the rage against police recently, the media in many cases banging the drum not just for reform, but for defunding police, I am just going to say that I support the police. Surprise from a conservative isn’t it? I would never say that the police are never in the wrong; In fact, the George Floyd murder shows that to be true.  But does that indicate all police are bad? Think about this question and ask yourself , Are we better without police? Of course not. When you’re assaulted on the street, or your home is burglarized, who do you call? The police of course. The police are there for every minor dispute through major crimes committed. While the rest of us flee danger, they run towards it, risking themselves for us. No, they aren’t more perfect than you or I but they take on a responsibility that the rest of us refuse. Should thry also be held to a higher standard? Yes, and that’ the problem with human beings. We all fail sometimes but i the case of a police officer, that failure is amplified 1,000x times more than would be if not a police officer. Something we all need to remember. Are there bad/corrupt officers? Sure some, just as in any profession the difference being when they’re discovered, they are more easily weeded. Now, more than ever we need to support these men and women because they are being attacked on an almost daily basis. I don’t ever want to call 911 and be told there won’t be any help coming. Do you?

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