I’m a former Evangelical, and now an Atheist. I could never reconcile those things taught by the church and my natural skeptical thought processes. Yes, I’m a conservative, but not in the way you might think because, in my mind, a true conservative is one that believes in individual liberties, not dictated by any religious organization, or even by the government.

A real conservative believes in equal rights for all; Believes that everyone is a human being and that the church or government has no business interfering in your(legal) day to day activities.

Although we atheists that are conservative are just a fraction of the overall atheist population, we have opinions on topics as well. I try to stay with issues concerning church-state separation and the overall state of atheism today, as I view it.

I will on occasion, venture into other subjects as well, and I hope those readers will stick around to read what may be an opinion not regularly voiced by mainstream atheists.