Want to Lower Premiums? Lose the VooDoo



I have to say that the needle on my skeptic meter just broke. Again. ike a lot of people, every year I have to renew my medical insurance where I work. It only takes a minute, it’s all done online of course, and I choose the same plan I have had for several years now. I haven’t really looked to see if the coverage has changed since I originally opted in those years ago and was interested if there was additional coverage, or, what I was expecting, something the plan no longer covered.

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The Weekly Standard: No One Cares

weeky standard

I’m not sure how many her know, but a conservative publication, The Weekly Standard, closed its doors today. For 23 years it has been a stalwart of conservative thinking with excellent writing and commentary. But, things happen. There has been a lot of wailing and wringing of hands today by other so-called conservatives, and a lot of blame placed on the owner for not attempting to find a new owner.

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Atheists: Should We Bring Back #FF?


I’ve been thinking for a while about how we, as atheists interact on social media, mostly Twitter. There are some really great, exceptionally intelligent people out there that, to be honest, I find by accident. By that I mean I see them in a conversation of someone I currently follow. I look at their profile, and a sample of their tweets as well, and then decide whether I want to follow that person or not.

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