Your Right of Speech Ends at My Ears


I written quite a bit over the years about freedom of Speech. It’s not, as many believe, the idea that you may say whatever you want, whenever you want, without consequences. It’s really about delivering an idea or ideas. In this country, as long as the speech doesn’t threaten someone, attempt to cause others physical harm, then it’s allowed under U.S. law. There is no such thing as a hate speech. The speech you may hear you may believe offends your sensibilities and is therefore “hate”, but unless that speech directly incites people to commit violent acts against others? It’s perfectly legal. It may be noxious, but no one goes to prison here for being a bigot.
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Why Antagonize Believers?



I often wonder why Atheists are so disliked within society. It’s not as if we’re serial killers or rapists wandering the landscape, searching for our next victim. We don’t, well at least none I know, worship Satan or practice demonology. We’re just regular people, with jobs and families that happen to differ with the majority over whether there is any proof for the existence of any god. I’ve not been discriminated against as an atheist, but I understand why some will not be open about their disbelief. So what is the reason why we’re so disliked? I think I may have at least a partial answer.

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David Silverman is Back!



Don’t know if anyone saw, or even cared, but David Silverman has been hired as an Executive Director for Atheist Alliance International. No kidding. Wasn’t it not that long ago, about a year and a half., when he was fired from his position as President of American Atheists for, well, things. Things he’s recently even admitted to doing, but of course, all of us need to take into acooint of the context of what happened. No, he doesn’t deny what happened, happened. It just didn’t occur the exact way it was told by his accusers.

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Is It Conservatism or Not?


I was thinking a bit about what to write and of course, more than one topic came to mind, but over the past few hours, I decided on this one topic that I find curious. Actually, I find it funny, and you’ll see why in a moment, but it also sort of amazed me to discover what I did. In the last couple of weeks, two people I have followed, and followed me on Twitter have both reference me as an atheist that is conservative. Consider that for a second. Do you get it yet? Neither of these two can name any other atheist they know that is conservative.

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It’s Time to Come Home


President Trump has decided to remove American troops from Syria. I’ve been watching the news and it seems that there are a lot  in Washington (politicians) that are against his doing so. Why is that? When he deplyed troops to Syria intially, it was obstensibly to defeat the Calphate (ISIS).That’s done, mostly, although it’s a question for the ages whether we’ll (that being the West) will ever be able to defeat those whose mission is to cause us harm. What is it with official Washington, and the pundit hangers-on know that the President doesn’t? Nothing. Most likely, less.

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To Pay or Not to Pay



I’ve been following a a twitter dialogue concerning my friend, godless_mom. Yes, I consider her a friend and I think it’s mutual. I’m a conservative, she’s far, far from me, but it’s interesting that we agree on many things. The dialogue she’s been having with some people online is about her blog posts, which you may view here. She asks for support, via Patreon because, and I know this, writing a blog takes time, and time is money. Depending on the post, it may take several hours to research, then compose. I’ve been there. posts like this one? Well, not much research and kind of off-the-top-of-my-head.

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