I’m Going to Try and Watch the Debate Tonight


I’m considering watching the Democratic debate this evening. Mainly because of the sudden rise of Mike Bloomberg and how he’s going to perform because I expect, based on everything I’ve see or read so far this week, that he’ll be a huge target (no pun intended) for the others on the stage. Plus, I want to know more about what he stands for – what hius platform us – other than what I’ve watched in his very slick ads that have even been running where I live. Mostly what I’ve seen is his anti-gun ads as well as some about employment in NYC while he was mayor. I did see a story where he’s proposing raising the corporate tax to 28%, but that’s about all I know.

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Being a “Racial Terrorist”


I have, it seems, exceeded my wildest dreams as a social media user: I am now considered a racial terrorist. No, I’m not joking and I found it amusing that I was mentioned in a list of just awful people (being facetious here). the mention comes from a comment on a friends blog that she happily tweeted out to us. It stems from a conversation several of us were having on Twitter concerning a writer for an unknown (to me at least) online publication that seemed to be attacking our mutual friend, Sarah Braasch, ad nauseam.  If anyone here is still unfamiliar with Sarah’s story, just do a search on her name from my homepage. You can also look at SkepticReview  for other blog posts concerning her situation.

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Atheists are Not “The Bad Guys”


I want to ask a question. If you were going to buy a house in a neighborhood, and the agent had to disclose who your neighbors might be, who would you rather live near, an atheist or a sex offender? Before you answer, consider that in polls over the last decade, atheists have been placed as less trustworthy than rapists. That’s disconcerting to me as an atheist. But the reason, I believe we as atheists are viewed so poorlt is because how we’re presented in media.

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Tulsi Gabbard: Honorable Mention


In my recent post of democratic candidates, I left out, on purpose, the lower tier of those running simply because, well, none of them have a chance – or so I believe. One, I’ve mentioned here before though, I actually like. I don’t agree with many of her policy positions, with one exception: let’s end these endless wars, like Afghanistan. Let’s bring our troops home. Who is that? Tulsi Gabbard. Why am I giving her an Honorable Mention? Although she polls low, she still hanging in, for now. Her message is becoming more sophisticated, unlike some of the other candidates. Hoe do I know this?

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The Democratic Field is Not “Moderate”



I’m not a political junkie. Mostly, I ignore politics as much as. possible but this election year, I’ve been fascinated by those running for the Democratic nomination. I haven’t watched any of the debates because, well, those really aren’t debates and all they seem to be is. from the video clips I’ve seen is some softball questions thrown at the candidates the media want to advance, and for some of the others, either ignore them entirely or press them on questions they wouldn’t on their chosen ones. It’s interesting to hear how the media portray each of them, at least the so-called front runners, as if there’s a huge difference between some of them. Sure, there are differences, but they appear to me to be minor.

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