Defending Yourself From a Cancellation Attack

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but there’s an article in Psychology Today I think we all should read and consider.

Take a look, please comment on the site but I’d also be interested in your comments here, Here’s the link. Don’t be bashful. It’s good stuff from a friend of mine that has had the experience of people attempting to cancel him for his opinions.

Crisis Management Means Government Control

I don’t watch the news on TV anymore, Well, okay, I watch local news, but I’ve completed boycotted all cable and national broadcast news. Why? I’m unsure of ever receiving the comlete truth from any of them. Look at the recent 60 Minutes profile of the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. The very next day, liberal commenters were trashing CBS and 60 Minutes for selective editing, making the governor appear uncaring about the Chinese virus. Note the link is a CNN story. Not known to be friendly to conservatives.

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The Rise or Decline of Atheism

I was speaking with another atheist recently and she made a statement that, well, confounded me. Atheism is on the rise, is what the statement was but she never offered any evidence of that statement and , to my chagrin, I never asked her for that proof. It’s the same kind of proof we’d ask anybody, as skeptics (If you are indeed a skeptic. Not all atheists are.) to prove their statements, declarations about whatever religion it is that happens to be making riodiculous claims at the moment. And yet, as I have discovered, people do believe that atheism isgrowing in the United States, where there is little proof of this occurring.

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Commenting and Kooks

I’m not sure if there is a trend coming, but I have seen a few bloggers, recently, turn off comments. Why? Well, basically because they don’t want to have to moderate. As a blogger, that can be tedious if you receive a lot of comments to every post. But there’s a downside to eliminating comments as well.

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