Jimmy Carter Told Us to Put on a Sweater

OPEC, this week, decided to lower oil production by 2 ,million barrels a day. The price of gas in our country had already been increasing since the “lows”of mid-summer(still being $1.50 over when Trump left office). Remember that Joe promised us from his basement (campaign trail?) that he was going to remake America into a country non-dependent on fossil fuels and so one his first day as president, did what he could to destroy the American oil industry and remake energy in America to look like what major European countries have been doing. How’s that going for those countries now as they run into the jills in evert country to chop down as many tree as possible to be able to heat their homes but have forgotten they need wood stoves to make all f this work. Europe is in trouble this winter because they elected governments, years ago, that bought into societal suicide. In 2020, the U.S. did as well.

Biden’s Hot Mike “Oopsie”

It’s not the first time Joe Biden has let the eff-word slip as he did recently. Remember when Obama was signing the ACA into law that Biden said to Obama, “This is a big f***ing deal”. People are shocked, shocked, I tell you that politicians use epithets! So some in the media mad e it a big deal recently when none of them could say for certain exactly what Biden was saying or what the context was. They had no probkem assuming that Ol’ Uncle Joe had drooped the eff-word again. None of this should surprise anyone. Joe Biden has been an embarrassment to America since he first entered national politics and will not go down in history in any favorable way. Amenhotep.

I Still Trust Science, Just Not Some Purveyors

I trust science, or should I say, The Scientific Method because science itself has been pretty disappointing in the last couple of years. Yes, all of the disinformation and outright misinformation promoted by our government and those agencies (NIH, CDC, FDA) most respected, responsible for keeping the pubic informed, in fact became mouthpieces for political ideologues as well as “Big Pharma”. Why would the FDA delay approval of the mRNA vaccine until after the 2020 election when it was ready to be deployed before? Why did the CDC keep with thr Teachers Unions about masking of children and closing of schools when all of the available science at the time showed that none of what was being done was either useful or necessary?I sont think I;m part of a minority. I beleive it’s goinf to be a long while before people in general begin trusting “science” again.

Musk and Twitter: Let Users be Users

Is the objection of Elon Musk buying Twitter really about “free speech”? Why would anyone have a problem with more, legal speech, in the virtual town square? But that”s not what appears up be the cause of concern. There have always been those that have objected to a venue where everyone’s opinion was evaluated based on reasonableness and being mindful of facts. Nothing seems to matter to some, though, in that free speech to them means correct speech. and not espousing what some believe to be the correct opinions on issues such as sex and gender, climate change, or any number of topics that may interest people at some level should not be allowed a voice. Ever. Twitter itself has completely bought into woke ideology only to see users suspended and banned for what could only be called incorrect opinions. Opinions may be wrong, based on the actual facts known of a subject, and those are ripe for debate anywhere, and should be on platforms like Twitter. Outside making direct threats to indibiduals or groups, Twitterr should be an open platform where anything may be discussed without fear of being de=platformed or mobbed by other users. I hope this takeover happens fast and that
community standards are better defined to be as inclusive as possible. Let’s not let the government or some other industry determine what is dis or misinformation. Let users decide.

Second Chances

There really are no second chances, are there? I watched the new “Cuomo” on its premiere night and I found it, not too bad but it seemed to me that Chris didn’t believe anything he said. He appeared to be unconformable attempting to take the middle road on issues he would have rang the hard left bell at CNN. Does he deserve a chance? Of course he does but “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” applies here. For a new news outlet, NewsNation may have hired the wrong person. If you’re looking to attract middle of the road viewers, which their advertisements claim, you don;t hire a far left or right personality.