Does it Take a Conscious Effort to be Polite?



When I write about religion, specifically Christianity, I attempt to not be insulting. I know that some believers may take what I write as just that, but it’s never meant that way. Some people are easy to insult I guess. One thing I never do (I have in the past, but it was rare), was to use expletives. I don’t see any necessity to pile on with what is clearly offensive to some. I’m not attempting to de-convert anyone, but I’d like those who are believers to be able to read my essays and note my attempt is to be thoughtful about what I write. Certain language doesn’t promote that at all.

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It’s Atheist Day! (Ho-Hum)



So, today is Atheists Day. I had completely forgotten about it until I read this piece recently.  I recall actually writing about the proposal for a day just for atheists a year ago, and at that time I wasn’t too impressed with the idea back then. The problem is that no one cares. Yes, even most atheists probably don’’t care about a self-proclaimed day. It’s not that there’s going to be any media attention to the day just as there wouldn’t be if I declared today Jim Day. 

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What Do You Actually Believe?


Recently, I came across one of those online surveys (I’m not sure what else to call it) that after answering a series of questions, places the respondent into a certain political category. We’ve all seen these before, where at the end the person, based on their answers, are rated as liberal or conservative, authoritarian or libertarian.  the questions themselves are innocuous enough, very straightforward, as to what the person thinks/believes in several different areas. I was intrigued, as a conservative, where I would place on their scale.

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Getting a Little Perspective



One of the reasons I decided to start limiting my use of Twitter, is that there is some much nonsense out there, a lot of it rage posts, I decided I could only take it in small bites, instead of perusing the site constantly. It is amazing to me how much junk is placed out there, and that I saw retweeted into my timeline, that could easily be debunked if someone just took a moment to be skeptical. But no, in today’s environment, it’s preferable to be morally or ethically outraged than to stop, look around, and discover what the truth of anything actually is nowadays.

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What Should be Done to Restore Free Speech For All on Campus?


free speech

I’ve been following a discussion on Twitter concerning free speech. Not a lot, or in depth because I’m attempting to spend a lot less time on that platform that I used to, but a few minutes here, a few minutes there, during the day, I’ve noticed an extended dialogue on this very important topic in my mind. I didn’t peruse the thread as I normally would have, but I think I read enough, scrolling through, to get the gist of what was being said. MAybe not, but instead of participating there, I thought I may throw my two cents in here.

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