Diagnosing Gender Dysphoria


So, earlier while perusing my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting YouTube video of a young woman who had previously began transitioning to a man, but was now in the process of de-transitioning. The video rambles a bit but is worth a watch. Why? This young woman, I think, should never had been allowed to begin hewr transition at all.  You xan watch the vide, here.

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The Diversity Trap



When we discuss diversity, exactly what is it we are talking about? Most people I know, when I ask them what they consider diversity to mean, either can’t answer directly or say that diversity is about making sure that everyone is represented equally. What they are talking about are immutable characteristics: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation. We often see stories about diversity in the (private)workplace, or in academia, and that’s exactly what the stories are about:  numbers. The correct number of  people working based on those same characteristics. Of course any employer should look upon candidates without any prejudice , but should they hire solely based upon race or gender, for example?

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Nope. No New War for the Warmongers



I guess the US jut dodged another conflict in the Middle East recently. Unless you’ve been asleep, Iran launched a retaliatory strike  against American troops in Iraq, from their home country, using ballistic missiles. Whether it was luck or incompetence, there appears to have been no casualties. In fact Iran launched a total of fifteen missiles at at least two bases. al-Assad and Irbil, and none of them caused any sort of casualties at all. In fact, four missiles never made it to their destination which is a  26.6 percent failure rate.

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Iraq: Let it Go



So, I’m hearing from sources this evening that based on the killing of Soleimani, that the Iraqi Parliament is going to vote, overwhelmingly tomorrow,  to have the Us leave. My sources are actually pretty good, normally. Here’s my reaction: Good. Let’s bring our troops home.

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