Respecting Belief and Believers


I think that every atheist blogger, and YouTuber has discussed the topic of respecting belief before. I’m certain I have, some years ago, but like everything, time sometimes allows for the evolution of thinking on the subject. It’s not that I’ve actually changed my mind but there are more subtleties to the answer than I think I took into account when I first wrote about it.\

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Society Needs Atheists


I recently wrote about the problems atheists have in trying to become a part of society It may have seemed a depressing post to some because the trials and tribulations of some that are atheist, yet cannot express themselves, is troubling. I was just pointing out the obvious that all atheists know: we’re discriminated against more than any other group.

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It’s Not About the First Amendment


I’ve been thinking a little bit today about the outcome (it really wasn’t a ruling) telling the White House that they must, at least temporarily, restore the hard pass of a CNN reporter. The judge in the case, a Trump appointee by the way, simply stated that the White House could not arbitrarily take the pass away – that it was a violation, not of the 1st Amendment, but the 5th, specifically due process.

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Why “Thoughts and Prayers”?


After a tragedy of some scale, whehter it’s a mass shooting or some natural disaster, it seems we always hear people offering their thoughts and prayers  to the survivors and/or their families and depending on the circumstances to the community as a whole. Why do we hear this, which is especially common from the media?

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