We Don’t Need Religion



Why do people seem to need religion? I would call that a question of the ages. Of course, if we ask anyone who is a believer, whether they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc., they may have a variety of answers to the question. Overall, I think it’s more of a tradition.  Their parents, grandparents, and even before were that religious and it is simply something they were taught as small children to accept.

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Atheism as Religion?



I’ve always been interested as to why believers, some at least, consider atheism just another religion. It’s clear that we have no supernatural beliefs, so what is it these theists are looking at that make them want to call atheists religious? I think it may be that the definition of religion is much broader than just a belief in gods, it also has to do with an specific interest people may have. Like atheism.

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To Podcast or Not


I’ve been thinking for a while about hosting a podcast. I like the idea as when I first came online, I was a host on a popular show called “Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes”. We had a lot of fun and if you don’t understand the reference, at the time, there was a lot of feminists complaing about certain colors for boys versus girls. Also that, if you were a woman that disagreed with anything they said, you were a “Chill Girl”.

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The Bible and History



Atheists always  point to the Christian holy text as a book of stories and myths that although may have some view on morality, in fact are just that, no different than Grimms Fairy Tales. Of course there are Christians that too do not necessarily take every story in the Old Testament as being truth, but merely a metaphor. If only they’d look at their New Testament the same way.

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