The Conservative Atheist Wasteland


I recently read a post over at Atheist Revolution concerning what liberal atheists thought about we conservative atheists. Suffice to say I was not surprised.  It’s clear to me that most liberals cannot come to grasp the thought of someone being an atheist and a conservative, as if that were some sort of dichotomy. None can really even describe what a conservative is, beyond the bible-thumping evangelical type so they just don’t believe a conservative can be a non-believer.

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Revenge is not Justice




I used to be in favor of the death penalty. It was years, no, decades ago. What was it that made me anti-death penalty, today I can’t say other than I came to a conclusion that the death penalty was not about justice for victims, but rather revenge from society.  It’s shameful to have to say that even today, the majority of Americans still support this barbaric punishment.

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What Do Polls Actually Tell Us?


Do polls accurately represent the people that have been polled? I wonder. Going through this latest midterm election, I noticed many pundits, even journalists discussing the polls as to the numbers the Democrats might pick up in the House versus the same in the Senate with the Republicans. What is interesting is that, in almost every case, no one would cite a poll that they said was absolutely trustworthy.

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Do You Love Your Children?




Something I often think about, when I’m around friends with children is who these children really are. By that I mean, do these parents, my friends, shuffle their kids out in front of their friends only for show, or is there a real relationship between them? Sometimes, I’m unsure. It’s easy to parade your offspring and most people actually do this, but to what effect?

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