Would You do Business With an Atheist Company?


I was watching television the other evening. Of course, a commercial break began I there was an advertisement from a heating and air conditioning business to have the AC unit checked out before the full brunt of summer arrived (in Arizona, you want to know whatever you use, central air or an evaporative cooler) will work through the summer. I took down the number and thought I might give them a call. The price they stated appeared reasonable ($50). A while later, during the same program, at another commercial break, there was another advertisement from a different company – an obvious Christian company based on the elaborate design I could see on their vans. The cost for the service I mentioned was the same.

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Virus? What Virus?


A few weeks ago, everything in the news was abut the Wuhan virus. Today? Has anyone in the last few days read or viewed a single story about the pandemic? As America has started to re-open, people have become less, fearful of the contagion. The mood of the country has been more upbeat. Maybe, just maybe, we’re past the worst and people can move on with their lives. then, an awful murder occurred in Minneapolis and things have changed. All across the country, in every major city, tens of thousands of people have been out protesting, in large crowds, and these protests have devolved into looting and destruction.

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Time to End the Chaos



Well, that didn’t take long. What mean is that the media blaming the riots on Minneapolis and other cities on “white supremacists”. No really. It seems be the go-to for media during the Trump Era because as everyone knows, Trump is a Nazi. All anyone as to do though is look at some of the video footage of those creating havoc, whether it’s in Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, California, or Colorado (among many). What do we see? People wearing black, with backpacks, wearing masks, carrying weaponry to destroy businesses. What profile does that fit? Oh, yeah, Antifa.

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Compassion is Rational


One of the criticisms I receive is that I tend to think rationally. It’s not that I don’t have an emotional response to some act by someone else, it’s just that when I stop and consider a problem that I perceive, I make every attempt to evaluate that problem soberly, with consideration of all of the facts that I am aware of at the time. That may appear cold and dispassionate to some, but it’s not. As I already said, I am jua\st as liable to have an emotional response to something as anyone else. The difference is, I don’t act on that initial response.

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Who and What Do We Believe?


Why can’t we just say, We have no idea rather than, the science says… I mean really during this Wuhan virus, how many different versions of “the science tells us” have we heard? Think about it. The virus isn’t transmissible between people (an early WRONG) to Masks won’t prevent you from contracting the virus (TRUE) and then just a few weeks later, Wear masks to avoid contracting the virus. Does social distancing work? Well, it seems to but then we have little data from past pandemics to show us that it indeed prevents anything.

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