A Rush to Judgement



A murder has occurred. We’ve heard about it on our local television news or read about it on the Internet. The police have arrested someone in connection with this deed, and the world seems a safer place because there is a dangerous person off the street, away from our friends and family members. By all accounts, th person arrested appears to be guilty because there is a short video of the act which they are accused of committing. It was happenstance. Someone with a smartphone happened to record the exact moment when the murder happened. It’s a slam-dunk case for prosecutors.

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Gender Identity: Don’t Look Behind The Curtain



One of the topics that seems to permeate not only the Internet but news cycles as well, is that of identity. It’s now common, or at least the public is lead to believe, that a persons declaration of identity is paramount to how they may be viewed by the general public. Women may decide they are men and vice-versa, without any attempt show that they are transgendered or even any evidence that they suffer from gender dysphoria.
There are those that claim to be non-binary. which means, I think they are neither male or female in a genetic sense. It’s become so pervasive that on some employment applications, a potential candidate is given the opportunity to state  how they prefer to be identified, no matter what their appearance.

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We Need to Cancel Cancel Culture



I read a very good piece by Cathy Young in the NY Daily News about the obsession of people, especially online to cancel those they may disagree with. It’s become known as Cancel Culture. If for some reason a person disagrees or acts in a way that some part of society disagrees with, then they. must be de-platformed – not allowed a voice in civil society. It’s shameful that we’ve come to this point where we may not agree with another person and call for them to not only be silenced, but ostracized within society.

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Am I a Nazi or Fascist?


For the record, I want to let everyone know that I am the most racist, anti-semitc, and of course misogynist that has ever existed.   I’ve been called all of those things, along with “alt-right” (I have no idea what that refers to). It seems to be defined by the accuser. I’ve also had  “Nazi”  thrown at me. Cool. If I’m a Nazi, then I know plenty on the left that would easily fit in that category. I’m for free, unencumbered speech, as well as the freedom of/from religion.  Protest the current government? Of course! Assemble and protest whatever  policies are disagreed with. That’s purely National Socialism, isn’t it?

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Some Thoughts on Veterans Day



I’ve dithered today, trying to think if I wanted to write this, this Veteran’s Day post. Ive gone back and forth all day; Does it really matter to anyone anymore? To some, certainly, but to the majority of Americans? I sometimes have my doubts. It is a National Holiday, but not everyone receives the day off as they do on Memorial Day, Labor Day, as well as other more popular holidays. That’s too bad because we should be celebrating all of those current and former military men and women who’ve sacrificed so much for their country. The sacrifices include  multiple deployments, away from loved ones, sometimes in combat situations. It’s easy to forget what we’ve placed our heroes through in the last two decades and it seems to only become an issue when we discover, through the media, that are veterans are not being taken care of by that very same government they volunteered to serve.

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