Judgements versus Observations



I just watched a terrific video from Blaire White on being misgendered. I think it’s spot on and makes a lot of good points about the current use of they/them, xe/xir, etc., for those that may declare to be non-binary or gender fluid, or whatever else it is out there. I wrote a while ago that maybe instead of taking the chance of misgendering, therefore insulting someone, I should just use the pronoun it. Yes, that seems proper for every occasion and I won’t take the chance of hurting someone’s feelings. Yeah, like I care.

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Waking Up From Being ‘Woke’



I don’t know how many have been paying attention, but david Silverman is trying to make a comeback of sorts – attempting to resuscitate his career in atheism, I guess. I don’;t know exactly why, because during the worst times of the schism, he was relatively silent. In fact, if anything he supported the tactics of what is now referred to those considered woke. I first noticed when he did this long, extremely cringeworthy interview recently with Atheist Republic. I could only get to the one-hour point, although I did go back and attempt to watch more. I believe everyone should have a chance, a voice, especially when they’re trying to resore a reputation that may have been damaged by false accusations.

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How Memory Works



Ever had an event in life that you absolutely recall as happened and others around you tell you that, no that didn’t happen? Or the opposite, that something did happen – to you- and you have no actual memory of the event? I think it’s fairly common although most people I have ever discussed this topic with tell me it’s not. Maybe I think it is because it’s happened to me – both cases. It’s strange to recall an event, traumatic or not that no one who was supposedly there, recalls. I used to think that in one case, maybe the event was so disturbing that I blocked it, somehow, from memory. In the other case, I have perfect recollection of something that I claim to have happened when I was five or six years old, that I have ben told all my life,  did not happen.

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The Sarah Braasch Saga Becomes More Curious



I wrote some tme ago, and also annpunced on Twitter, that I wouldn’t write anything concerning Sarah Braasch in the future. The reason is that I began to believe that some things may have been turning her way. Besides there were much better advocates than me, Gretchen Mullen and Cathy Young, to name two, that would be able to keep up the pressure on the media and Yale itself to bring this debacle (that’s what I consider it) to a proper conclusion. That conclusion, in my mind would be that Sarah did nothing wrong. I did my own investigation and all you have to do is look back here, and search for “Sarah Braasch” on this blog to see what my determination was – months ago.

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Ridding Society of ‘Cancel Culture’



I don’t know what many others think, but I am sincere when I say that everyone should have a voice. I may dislike your ideas, I may think they are toxic to humanity as a whole, but that doesn’t give me any right to silence you. You do that on your own. Does that make sense? By alienating your audience, no matter who they are, by race, ethnicity, gender, or religion, we all take the chance of disabusing whatever authority we may have, or what we believe we have, upon our readers, or listeners. There will always be a small cadre of supporters, but even then, we may find that we have to accede to that tiny minority to retain whatever authority we believe we may have obtained.

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