The Post-Truth World



Welcome to the post-truth world! – David Osorio

We live in a world where truth has become secondary to feelings, and to people deciding what is considered fact versus fiction. Say whatever you will about any controversial topic, the environment, politics, economics, or social issues. Then just construct a simple tweet, maybe a short thread on Twitter, explaining why you believe what you believe. Sit back, and wait for the reaction. You may find allies, but the normative, at least on Twitter, is that you won’t. Those that may agree with you will be too afraid to agree simply because they are afraid of being cancelled.

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The Things People Buy



Umm, okay. I was looking online to order snacks. One of the items that came up was this. Seriously? People buy canned Rattlesnake? Well, I don’t think it would be carried by Amazon unless someone, somewhere, actually purchased it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not adverse to it, as being in the military for most of my adult life we sometimes had to hunt, eat, that which we’d never find in a grocery store. Still, that people that live in the Big PX would want to order online something this exotic, well, I just find it odd. Okay interesting.

Is Walmart Virtue Signalling?



I’ve been reading, and thinking a lot about Walmart’s recent decision on gun and ammunition sales as well as them asking customers to not open-carry within their stores. Okay, let’s start off and say that a private corporation can decide what they will or will not sell. By the way, not every Walmart in the country sells guns and ammunition and of course, not every state has a open carry law. My experience, locally, is I rarely have noticed anyone within Walmart with a pistol on their hip. I’m just one person though, and am not there everyday so I have no idea how common this is where I live.

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On Gun Control



With all the recent mass shootings, there have been more and more media coverage concerning gun control. Even the President is calling for something to be done that is reasonable and would not violate the Constitutional right for any citizen to buy and own a firearm. In the case of the most recent shooting in Texas, it has come to light that the shooter was denied a legal purchase – he failed a background check. That means the law in place works. It doesn’t prevent, and no law can, any illegal purchase.

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What Defines a “Good Person”?



I’m a good person. How many times have we heard this exclamation from family members or friends? How often do we think about this for ourselves? Everyone, well most of us I think, wnt to believe, to think, that whatever actions we take, are for the good. Not necessarily for humanity (although I’ve met those), but just for their immediate circle of family or friends. I’ve thought this about myself at times, but I wonder, what was my motivation for thinking this? It may be that I did something that I would never have considered in my past; even though the result was good, was that my motivation?

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