Sharing the Wealth (and Pain)

It’s interesting the takes we see from either side on the immigration issue. Currently, governors Abbott (TX), Ducey (AZ), and DeSantis (FL) are taking steaming handfuls of disinformation from their Democrat opponents. What all should be mindful of is none of these governors are quoted as being against immigration, just the open borders policy that the Biden administration has implemented, flooding states like Texas and Arizona, as well as indirectly Florida(relocating) having these states not only absorb the population but also provide the services (education and health, primarily) with no assistance from the federal governent whatsoever. some punditry on TV have stated that the relocation efforts by these governors to so called sanctuary cities is doing nothing but hurting these immigrants, but probably not because in some cases, even what we may consider a less than attractive place to live mainly due to crime, might be a paradise based on which country they are escaping. But the critics miss the point as Megyn Kelly (formerly Fox and NBC) so well says:

What they don’t get is Abbott et al are not trying to teach a lesson to the migrants. They’re trying to teach a lesson to the Ds whose policies are overwhelming the border (& now other towns).

A hard lesson to learn for those NIMBY’s (remember Martha’s Vineyard?)

It’s Biden’s Price Hike, not Putins

What in the world did we do to deserve Joe Biden as President? Okay, Donald Trump was a bit thin skinned when it came to taking criticism, but when he left office in January 2021, inflation was at 1.4% and gasoline was $2.28 per gallon.Now inflation is at 8.3% and even though gasoline proces have dipped to just below $4 per gallon recently, it’s still high and will be going higher this fall for two promary reasons: 1) The ending of dumping oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve and 2) People will start more normal driving patterns in the fall/winter. Expect the national average to be closer to $5 per gallon by Christmas. So with all of this going on, who’s to blame? How many people/corporations has the Biden administration blamed for their mistakes in managing the economy? Pretty much everyone but themselves and recently, the President returned to his old enemy, gas stations that are artificially keeping the price of gasoline high. This would be funny if it weren’t true. He’s back to blaming Big Oil for the prices at gas stations when most gas stations are independently owned. So, it must mean the “Mom ‘n Pop” businesses that make almost nothing fro the sale of gasoline, who are the real pirates here. How do they stay in business? They have convenience stores attached. But instead of blaming poor policy by an inept administration, let’s blame everyone else.

Are We on the Verge of a Civil War?

I continue to hear that we, in the United States, are on the verge of a Civil War. Where does this come from?Well there are those usual suspects from social media which, anyone that gives credence to anyone there should actually be deported. the others are members of the media which seem to be perfectly happy to announce that any time now, countdown imminent, there will be troops mobilizing all around the country. Some of those will be conservative populists , the remainder won’t matter because none of those people have any guns, or very few, and were trained on video games. The worst purveryor of this is our President, Joe Biden who keeps warning those that might oppose him is that he has the F-15’s and the nuclear weapons. That leaves the majority of the country perplexed as to the intent of this president in all matters, domestic and foreign. But before we have a war, could we get a decent name for it? The British have had several in their history, one of the most famous being the “War of the Roses”. I propose, for our future Civil War, instead of calling it, “The Civil War” like we did the last one (boring!) we call it something like the “War of the Daffodils”.

The Democrats Have no Platform for the People.

Are we just stupid? I mean, does it make sense to anyone that Democrats believe they can retain both houses of Congress with only two themes: abortion and January 6. Yes, it’s true that pretty much all any of us hear from democratic candidates is how bad the Dobbs decision is for women’s reproductive health when all it does is return those decisions to individual voters in individual states. Something I would like to see a Republican candidate do, and they may, I just never see, hear, or read about it is whether their opponent believes there should be any restrictions, at all, to abortion, including partial birth abortion. How about the media, which should be asking candidates of both parties these questions? Absent as far as Democratic candidates go. January 6th is the Democrats other ugly man as they continue to attempt to paint all Republicans as extremists, insurrectionists, seditionists, and yes, terrorists. Republicans and conservatives though, did not recently have a huge, made-for-tv event that evoked for many, if not all, the horror of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust which was not caused by Hitlers opponents, in case you didn’t know.

NASA Smacks One Out of the Park

I was happy to see today that NASA had successfully crashed a vending machine sized satellite into an asteroid the size of a football stadium to see if it was possible to nudge an asteroid away from a potential collision with our planet. The astroid was not in any path toward earth. Far enough out into space, it only takes a very small nudge to make an object take another path. but of course, what are the Laws of Unintended Consequences? Today’s nudge, a few years from now, causes other objects in orbit to be nudged as well, this time maybe in a direct path with us. So now it’s going to take a lot of telescopes around the. world to focus on the asteroid belt in order to find any objects that might be a threat to us. Right now, about 3% of the sky is monitored. How much would it cost to add the other 97% if we had the telescopes right now to monitor, which we don’t. A huge building program on every continent would have to take place at a pace unknown before now. Of course, launch sites would need to be prepared as well, again on every continent with multiple devices at each site. Maybe we should just build a Death Star.