Saying What You Think


I originally had a different subject to publish today. I decided not to because I know that what I had written would come across as inflammatory to some and that wasn’t my original intention. Sometimes though, a person has to speak plainly and I think that many of us do not do that on a regular basis.

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Go! Volunteer!


There are a lot of atheists that are always writing or speaking about becoming socially involved in our communities. How many of those actually are involved? By that question, I mean, ow many are actually out within their community being a positive influence? Well, honestly I can’t say anything about others except to say that I hear a lot about being involved, but never hear any of those same people say anything about their involvement.

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I Don’t Believe You


I try to not be rude to anyone. It’s difficult sometimes because when anyone runs into the absolute stupid, sometimes the only response I seem to be able to have is to actually call that person stupid.  Many atheists go through this daily. For me, it’s not so common but as this blog has gained a tiny bit of a following, it has started to become something I have started paying attention to.

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The Exhaustion of Being an Atheist


I have to say that there are times when being an atheist is exhausting. I have friends and colleagues ask me what I think about some news item, whether political or social, not as a conservative, but as an atheist. I sometimes wonder if I’d get the question at all, ever, if I weren’t an atheist. I’ve come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t.

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The Supreme Court and Judicial Temperment


I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about Judge Bret Kavanaugh since President Trump nominated him last evening to replace Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court. I’ve seen a lot of the here we go again types of articles, focusing on his religious belief and that he would be the 5th vote on the court to overturn Row v. Wade if it ever came up before the court.

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What do Atheists Want?


I’m sometimes asked by Christians as to what atheists want. By that question I always take it for granted that I’m being asked why we’re so noisy in the public arena. We’re just a tiny portion of the population here in America, but we are vociferous when it comes to advocating for the separation of church and state.

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