My Way or the Highway



Let me instruct you patiently how and what to think. You need to be instructed in how to use your own words, because words are weapons and may cause damage to another person. I’ll teach you why everything you believe is wrong and that only those that have the correct opinion, should be allowed to speak on any topic. We may disagree on the details, but I’ll work with you to make sure you understand that those details are generally unimportant and that facts that may dispute my opinion are only from those people that have a toxic agenda towards me and my fellow believers.

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Are Science and Art Two Sides of The Same Coin?




I had thos professor, decades ago. He was a brilliant mathematician, and was so nerdy that he was able to actually explain complex mathematical concepts to the dumbest (me) of all his students. I don’t use the word genius very often, but this guy, in my opinion was exactly that. He was the guy that would tell you on day one: Everything I say in this class may be a test question. Of course, many just chuckled at that announcement, I probably did as well, but his words were prescient as his exams, all hand written and duplicated on a mimeograph machine, consisted of no more than 3 questions/problems.  He had to grade on a curve because no one ever received 100% , yes that’s how tough his classes were.

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No One Forces Anyone To Be On Social Media



Ever notice, if you’re on Twitter, how much people complain about Twitter? I do, but in the context of it being biased. I’m lucky (so far) that I’ve never been suspended, or sent to the corner or whatever the penalties for saying something that may be offensive to someone are, but I try not to spend too much of my time there. Others seem to be tied to the platform from the time they wake up until they go to sleep. It reminds me of another social media platform, Facebook. I used to work with some people that would come into work daily, and the first thing they would do every morning is log into Facebook. Yes, even before they checked their work email.

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Agnosticism in Everyday Life



So I was recently in a conversation with a person on Twitter where we were discussing dehumanizing language and actions towards those opinions we may disdain and I found this person’s solution to the problem curious. The idea seems to be to enter the dialogue with no specific opinion about anything. In fact, it was better to enter the conversation with the attitude of maybe, as in that, on whatever the topic is, maybe the other person is right. That’s okay, but it lead me to think about someone that had no strong opinion about anything. Are they worth having a any sort of discourse with at any time?

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Respecting One Another’s Ideas



Occasionally, I find myself in an interesting dialogue on Twitter. Yes, that’s right, Twitter. As much as I tend to knock the platform, there are a few times when I may have interesting interactions with others. There are a lot of good people out there, the problem is to find those that want to have a reasoned conversation – as much as any may call it on Twitter – and that dialogue ends up being productive. No derogatory language used, just simple discussion, on some very complex ideas. There are even solutions proposed and debated, all in the same sense that everyone in the conversation has an opinion, and each person has an equal opportunity to express theirs.

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