Some Thoughts on Veterans Day



I’ve dithered today, trying to think if I wanted to write this, this Veteran’s Day post. Ive gone back and forth all day; Does it really matter to anyone anymore? To some, certainly, but to the majority of Americans? I sometimes have my doubts. It is a National Holiday, but not everyone receives the day off as they do on Memorial Day, Labor Day, as well as other more popular holidays. That’s too bad because we should be celebrating all of those current and former military men and women who’ve sacrificed so much for their country. The sacrifices include  multiple deployments, away from loved ones, sometimes in combat situations. It’s easy to forget what we’ve placed our heroes through in the last two decades and it seems to only become an issue when we discover, through the media, that are veterans are not being taken care of by that very same government they volunteered to serve.

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Media Malfeasance: A Sarah Braasch Story



So sitting around today, deciding to peruse my twitter account for a little while, to catch up on anything that may be interesting going on, I happened across a story tweeted by my friend Sarah Braasch. As many of you know, I’ve written about her “Napping While Black” incident that occurred at Yale in May of 2018 several times. I’ve even seen and have been appalled by some of the coverage of this incident, not only from Yale’s own student newspaper (it actually bothers me to refer to it as a “newspaper”) to others as in the New york Times and other major news and media outlets. To say the coverage has been one-sided would be a huge understatement as everyone, from members of the Yale administration and beyond have gone out of their way to assassinate Sarah’s character.

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Atheism: Does it Really Matter?



Recently, I had a conversation with a friend, about nothing really, but eventually the subject turned to atheism, as it seems to if the conversation goes on long enough, I have no idea, after all these years why non-atheists (I don’t know if many are truly believers) are so interested, intrigued, by atheists. It’s almost as if we’re looked at as a different species rather than just people that don’t believe in god(s).

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Restoring a Reputation



There was a time, not that long ago, that if someone’s reputation were damaged by some  accusation(s), later fidcovered to be false, the person would be able to return to their normal life – maybe not immediately, but after a short period once the truth became known. Today? Not so. much. Even in the “olden days” I’m referring to (maybe 20 years ago), there would have always been detravtors of that person that no matter what, believed the allegation(s). There have always been those people that no matter the evidence presented, will not change their mind.  But that was okay, because those same people really had no way of continuing their persecution. How times have changed.

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The End is Near: A Sarah Braasch Story



Possibly by the time you read this, my friend, Sarah Braasch will be before the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, pleading her case for the release of body camera video, from the Tale Police Department that she believes will exonerate her from any charges of racism that she has been accused of not only locally, by the Yale administration, but also nationally, as the story made nation-wide headlines in 2018. The story is already out there and I’m not going to go through the details, which I have assiduously researched. The question for this post is should Sarah have a right to have the  video from the Yale Police Department which Yale has denied her access for more than a year?

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