The New and (Hopefully) Improved Twitter is Imminent

So, Elon Musk has informed about half of Twitter employees that their services are no longer required as of November 4, The remainder, it seems, were told to return to the office to continue employment. In other words, their sabbatical of remote working is over. These are the kinds of things that happens when a company changes hands, What was once company culture no longer exists, The new owner(s) are anxious to place their own stamp n the acquired company. I know this well, having worked for a telecommunications giant for several years that was bought out for, well, maybe not as much as Twitter, but billions to be sure. The culture shock for us, as senior engineering staff, was dramatic to pit it mildly. Although the new owners weren’t quick ro layoff anyone, we, the senior engineering staff, all but left the company within 9 months, Eight engineers that ran the development of the company network, were gone and that experience is nearly impossible to replace in the short term. Musk will probably experience this as well but being smarter (or so it seems) than many of the entrepreneur class, is probably well prepared having taken rime across the summer into fall before pulling the trigger on the acquisition.

There was some news about a lawsuit by now former employees but its doubtful it will go anywhere as long as Musk follow the labor laws in California, which all indictions show he is doing. Now it’s just wait and watch for the turn around. It’ll be interesting, for sure. Some heads in the media will explode, but the remainder of the user community will most likely be unaffected and an unrepentant Elon Musk will laugh all the way to the bank.

What Inflation?

I saw a video clip recently of a host on MSNBC, Joy Reid , who claomed, in a weird sort of way, that “inflation” is a term used by jourtnalists and economists and is not really in the lexicon of average Americans, So, what she was saying, I think, is that prices of goods and services are in our imagination and have nothing to do wth some made up word, Inflation. I wonder if this woman does ant of her own shopping, or pays any of her own bills? If ahe drives, does she not notice the increase in gas and diesel since Biden took office? Maybe not but seriously, I think these sycophants are just making a last gasp attempt at telling voters that there’s nothing wrong with the economy and that its okay, in fact it’s necessary for these voters to not believe all the gloom, and doom they experience in their daily lives, and continue to vote for, and support, democrat policies. Won’t you help them?

The End of Democracy?

Listening to some of the most desperate Democrats as the election quickly approaches, anyone paying attention to them , would believe that world will end if the Republicans sweep the election as is now expected. Top democrats, along wirh their media sycophants have stated unambiguouly that giving any power to the Republicans will mean an end to democracy. It’s amazing to me the panic in the voices, the urgency of the look into the camera lens as I hear that all that I know of that is good, will be lost, because of the way I might vote.

It’s always possible that none of us will see the next morning, that the end of the world will occur while we sleep. but that’s mostly science fiction, as science shows us that unless we destroy ourselves (and even if we do) the planet itself will continue on for quite a while.

I’m certain I’ve never witnessed the lunacy in an election as I am seeing right now. I don’t think it will end the day after the election either. The harpies of doom will only become louder and less sane as the 2024 presidential election approaches. Maybe they’ll actually attempt to create a real incident like an asteroid might hit the earth if, we all don’t vote the way they want us to vote.

Final Warning?

I’ve been waiting a while to respond, in my way to our president’s latest screed to the American people. Let’s review: in the beginning of September, in what I call his “Nuremberg Speech” he called those of us that would not succumb to his will, semi-fascists, hus latest refers to Republicans as a Threat to Democracy. That’s right, if we all do not vote for the Democrat candidates on Novmber 8, we are declared a threat to democracy. I guess that means, what exactly i’m unsure because isn’t the vote the true exercise in democracy? I think that’s what I learned as a kid in civics class.When I turned 18, other than registering for the draft(required), I registered to vote and it was then I knew I was a citizen of the greatest country on the planet. Epochs passed and because we were all numb from our success, never saw these current days arriving.

Hours before the recent speech, the presidents chief of staff went on air to tell the American people that this was the Final Warning from the President. Really? Final Warning? Then what exactly? That sounds fairly ominous to me,

If the election goes as currently predicted by many source, the Senate will be controlled by the Republicans by a. 53-47 majority(maybe more). The House? A minimum of 36 seats were expected until recently. Now, above 60. Of course we wont know for sure and these prognosticators have been wrong in the past. Most are certain though that the House will in fact be controlled by the Republicans and all they need to do is pick up a single seat in the Senate,

Either way Joe Biden becomes a lame duck for the next 2 years because unless he’s actually willing to work with the legislative majority, expect no legislation to come out of Washington at all. This comes back to the “warning”. What will he do, rule by Executive Order? It still takes Congress (House) to appropriate money for any initiative he desires to implement. Now what? Is he going to have the military give him the power he desires? Remember, he’s already threatened the use of F-15’s against his own people and even, remember? nuclear weapons. Don’t believe me? It’s all on video and like everything on the Internet, cannot be memory holed because it has become inconvenient.

Make sure you vote, for whomever you believe will represent your interests the best. This is the only way we can insure we’ll still have this right in the (near) future.

Voter Fraud Proponents Lose in Court

I’ve never been a fan of absentee balloting as it has evolved in the last couple of decades. A voter requesting an absentee ballot used to have to have a legitimate excuse for not standing in line and voting in person. Now, it’s ubiquitous in every state and in some states, there is no proof required. when the ballot is filled out, that thE person voting is legally able to do so. We lso have ballot collection boxes, not t be confused with mail boxes. These are set up around a city to collect just voting ballots and there have been accusations of dumping, that is people showing up with multiple ballots. With no way to verify, it had become a bit of an industry to have “drop box watchers” present to ensure no fraud is attempted. For some to say there is no voter fraud is magical thinking as there is in every election, How much varies but there is always some. Those concerned about clean and fair elections in the past have established processes attempting remediation Others would prefer nothing take place at all, Those opponents lost a major battle in federal court.