#SexStrike: Really?



Logging into Twitter today, I noticed something that seemed to be trending a bit, at least in my timeline: Alyssa Milano is declaring a #SexStrike, until women receive what she refers to as body autonomy. If I understand this protest, it’s about a recent bill passed in the State of Georgia that would prevent an abortion, once a fetal heartbeat had been detected. I’m told this is somewhere around the sixth week of pregnancy. I don’t want to argue whether this new law is right or wrong, Constitutional or not, that’s for others in a different forum. What I find amusing about this protest is that I don’t see a lot on the left commenting one way or another and of course, those on the right are outright mocking her.

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What’s all the Hubbub, Bub?



I’ve been seeing a lot of wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth concerning New Your States amended abortion law. The amount of remonstration and hyperbole online has been amazing, mostly from what I can see are conservative voices.  I really haven’t seen much, if anything from the pro-choice crowd and I thought that was interesting because, according to all of what I’ve read to date, the law says a woman may be able to terminate a pregnancy at a whim, up to right before going into labor.

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