Protecting Religion Over the Public



office binders draft bill

I’ve been reading about a bill, in Missouri, which if passed by the legislature, and signed into law, would not allow any of those that make a court challenge of separation of church and state, to remain anonymous, unless that person were a minor. When I first read about this, I was skeptical that this proposed law would only affect those certain cases. Today I decided to do a little more investigation and , yes, that’s all it would affect.

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Should The Bladensburg Cross Come Down?


I’ve been meaning to write on the case that was recently heard by the Supreme Court, The American Legion v The American Humanist Association. This case was brought by the AHA through the Federal court system because the cross, in Bladensburg, Maryland, resides on public land and is maintained by public dollars. The circuit court (AKA Appeals Court), ruled against the Legion and the Supreme Court was petitioned to hear the case. In all SCOTUS cases, at least four justices have to agree to hear a case before it’s placed on the calendar so there was definitely some interest in this by the justices.

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