The Atheist Narrative. Who Controls it?

Atheists don’t think life is meaningless, says Barbara J. King.

I don’t always receive comments on posts. I may think I have written the best post of my life and two things will inevitably happen: 1) That post will receive almost no views. No one has read it. No ne cares. that’s the chance that is taken whenever anyone produces any content whether it’s a blog or a podcast of some sort. The creator cannot force anyone to read/listen/watch any content no matter how good the person producing thinks that content may be. Then there’s that 2) the post doesn’t adequately convey what the reader expects. they may expect a rant, and get cool reason instead. Well, that’s kind of bleh, isn’t it? In contrast, I can rush off a blog post, not think much about it and later look at the same statistics and find that I’ve struck a nerve somewhere, somehow, with what I considered sloppy, hurried content. It’s the topic that brings the audience, the more it titillates, the better. This is the primary reason I think readers are attracted to posts about the Atheist Schism, or as I called it in a recent post, Atheist Wars.

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The Exodus from AAI


What’s going on at Atheist Alliance International? I read in my Twitter feed that our friend Courtney Heard (AKA @Godless_Mom) has resigned her co-Executive Directorship, along with Bridget Guadette, this week. The last time. wrote anything about this was when, late last year, I wrote this about David Silverman former president of American Atheists) being hired as Executive Director. Now I know why Courtney and Bridget were hired because according to Courtney, David left the organization this past January. I didn’t put it together then but that’s nothing new for me.

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I Don’t Care About Megan Rapinoe



Since the start, maybe before, of the 2019 Women’s World Cup, Megan Rapinoe has been, how should I say, controversial. She seems to be receiving a lot of press and of course, at least temporarily, is trending on Twitter. All of that will change in the next few days, if it hasn’t already. Before they won the trophy this year, she is quoted in the press as saying

I’m not going to the fucking White House

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When Should We Call The Police?



A friend posted an article that I found interesting: Oregon is considering making it illegal (civil penalties)  to call the police on a suspicious person, notably when it’s a person of color. We have all seen reports of the police being called for nonsense. I recall seeing sometime back a woman called the police for her black neighbors barbecuing. Seriously. It’s ridiculous and a waste of law enforcement time.  What about seeing a suspicious person in your neighborhood, no matter the race or ethnicity? Well, according to the article, it seems that that, too, would become against the law. Not a felony, but it would allow the person the police stopped, to sue the caller.

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