Claim: Ahmed Mohammed’s Clock is a Hoax

There’s been claims that the clock that Ahemd Mohammed bulit was a hoax. In other words, he didn’t invent it, he just took the components of an already existing clock and transferred them to his own enclosure.

Some people are saying this claim is just right wing hysteria concerning Muslims. Others however, say that there’s actual proof the invention is a hoax.

A recent video describes that this may indeed have been an actual hoax.

Apple, Inc. Jumps the Shark

Do you ever read something on the Internet and immediately facepalm? I just did that a few moments ago. It’s been confirmed that Apple has removed all games from its App Store that have depictions of the Confederate flag. When I first saw some mentions earlier this morning, I thought it was a joke, and it is, but on Apple’s consumers.

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Nutjobs Protesting

I wonder what the media is going to do with this.

Remember a few years ago when they were covering the ‘Tea Party” and found one nut at a rally carrying a Confederate flag? All of a sudden, all Tea Partiers became racist in the eye of some of the media.

You think this will get the same attention? How do you think it’ll be portrayed if at all? If it’s as it should be, just a lone nut job. Nothing else.