Are Atheists Really Diverse?

I was just perusing a short essay from my friend vjack over at Atheist Revolution. The essay had to do with the diversity within atheism and celebrated how, although we may all have a single non-belief in gods, that in other ways we are very diverse. Personally, I don’t see it and even though Jack admits that a majority (in fact, at least 90%) lean to the political left, that we have other beliefs/views that make us diverse, like a belief in ancient aliens, ghosts, etc. Those same beliefs may be found in the general population and I don’t think can be used to show how diverse atheists are.

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The Diversity Trap



When we discuss diversity, exactly what is it we are talking about? Most people I know, when I ask them what they consider diversity to mean, either can’t answer directly or say that diversity is about making sure that everyone is represented equally. What they are talking about are immutable characteristics: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation. We often see stories about diversity in the (private)workplace, or in academia, and that’s exactly what the stories are about:  numbers. The correct number of  people working based on those same characteristics. Of course any employer should look upon candidates without any prejudice , but should they hire solely based upon race or gender, for example?

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