Never Assume What You Don’t Know



I always make the greatest attempt to tel the truth. Not my truth, but the truth in anything I wriote or speak about. Of course, I write about topics from my perspective, and I’ve never been shy about being a conservative. Then I have to look, as anyone should, what constitutes a conservative? Is it the neo-cons in Washington or the evangelicals  between the coasts that define conservatism? Well, if you listen to any news broadcast, no matter your ideological  bent, you’d think that these represent all.

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Guilt By Association



We live in a hypersensitive society where just using the wrong pronoun for someone may lead a person to be publicly denounced. Never mind that someone may associate with the wrong people, those ideologically impure. It may even come down to the information someone consumes. Watch Fox News? You’re a right-wing, Nazi. MSNBC? A communist, anarchy supporter. The online sites a person may occasionally peruse would also be suspect. We’ve decided, well not all of us, but a vocal number of people, that what you read, who a person may occasionally associate with, is what defines that person.

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