Being a Joiner

By nature, I’m not much of a jointer. The reason is because I’m generally disappointed in organizations that want to represent my rights to Congress or a court. It’s not because they don’t try, it’s that they tend to go beyond what they claim is their mission. It doesn’t matter whether it’s some secular or atheist organization, or just some group that claims they’re going to do right by me for only $40 per year. I usually discover that the initial investment is only the beginning of a never ending email and regular mail barrage of needing more money for one thing or another. It’s usually political and honestly, that’s where I end the relationship.

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I Support the IAA. You Should Too.


Living in the West, I cannot imagine  a SWAT team coming to my house, breaking down the door, and arresting me for the crime of blasphemy. In other countries around the world, that indeed does go on. It’s something that we non-believers, and yes, believers as well, should stand against. Consider the Christians killed in Islamic countries. We hear those horror stories all the time but rarely hear about the individual who has been jailed, under threat of the death penalty, for the crime of being a non-believer.

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The Exodus from AAI


What’s going on at Atheist Alliance International? I read in my Twitter feed that our friend Courtney Heard (AKA @Godless_Mom) has resigned her co-Executive Directorship, along with Bridget Guadette, this week. The last time. wrote anything about this was when, late last year, I wrote this about David Silverman former president of American Atheists) being hired as Executive Director. Now I know why Courtney and Bridget were hired because according to Courtney, David left the organization this past January. I didn’t put it together then but that’s nothing new for me.

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David Silverman is Back!



Don’t know if anyone saw, or even cared, but David Silverman has been hired as an Executive Director for Atheist Alliance International. No kidding. Wasn’t it not that long ago, about a year and a half., when he was fired from his position as President of American Atheists for, well, things. Things he’s recently even admitted to doing, but of course, all of us need to take into acooint of the context of what happened. No, he doesn’t deny what happened, happened. It just didn’t occur the exact way it was told by his accusers.

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