Gender Wars – I Must Have Been Asleep

As you know, I’ve been paying attention to some of the crazy that’s been coming from a certain quarter lately, like here, and here. It was brought to my attention early this morning though, that there’s even more fodder.

The Usual Suspects(or one of them anyway) are promoting an “Online Gender Workshop”. I guess there was a “workshop-1″ to this, but I didn’t want to go all the way back to find it. I really can’t figure this one out and I really don’t want to speculate too much here. It appears though that they’re trying to get to some sort of neutral society where people are not identified as male and female. Maybe I don’t understand (obviously, I don’t) but I see no benefit to any of this.

We’ve all seen the wars on Twitter with people referring to the sexes as “male” and “female” and the definitions of what constitutes a “man” or “woman”.

It’s just more of the crazy Social Justice that a certain segment of the overall community is attempting to impose on the rest of us. It’s policing speech and thought and has nothing to do with the overall goal of equality.

Here though, is a comment from the above blog that may give you a grin. Trying to determine gender nuetral objects. Oh well. Thanks to Notung.

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