Don’t Worry, It’s All Under Control

Let me see if I have this right: The world is going in the crapper right now.

So today, another disaster that’s causing alarm around the world, a Malaysian airliner is purportedly shot down via a surface to Air missile over eastern Ukraine. 295 people dead. Currently no one knows who’s responsible although the money is on the Russians. Too early though to place blame.

In the meantime, we have a serious humanitarian crisis right here in the U.S. Thousands of people, many children crossing the border and no one seems to know how to stop it from happening or what to do with them when they arrive.

Oh, did I forget to mention Israel and Hamas were back at it? Let’s not forget the ongoing civil war in Syria where nearly 200,000 are dead in 3 years of conflict.

Then there’s the issue of ISIS in Iraq. Not a big deal I guess that a terrorist organization has occupied a third of that country. Where’s my beer?

Oh, there’s a lot more, like Libya being back in the news, there’s still Boko Haram in Nigeria blowing up people almost daily. No. Nothing to be concerned about with any of these situations because our President is on the job.

What was the president doing today about all of these crises you ask? Well, let’s see: He gave a speech about “infrastructure” in the U.S and went off topic for 60 seconds basically saying the Malaysian air shoot down was “a tragedy”. He then motorcades out to get a burger and a shake; Then jumped on Air Force One to fly to New York for 2 fundraisers.

We’re in the best of hands.

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