Gaining Ground on “under God”

So maybe a little better news for today. It looks like in a recent survey, 34% of respondents agree that “under God” should not be in the Pledge of Allegiance.

This survey was of 1,000 adults and conducted by the American Humanist Association. Unfortunately there’s not a direct link from this article in the Washington Times to the survey so here is the announcement from the AHA if you want more details. Please read the WT article first though.

A bit from the WT article though of those surveyed, to whet your appetite.

Of the 1,000 respondents, 666 identified themselves as Christian, and 123 as followers of other faiths. Unaffiliated persons accounted for 211 respondents in the survey, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent.

What’s interesting in the WT article also though is a comparison to another survey by a group known as LifeWay Research from last year that showed 8% wanted “under God” removed.

It comes down to how you ask the question and that’s what’s important to know about polls in that you can get your desired result (in the case of LifeWay) by asking the question in a way that would make more people respond negatively. Here’s the poll from LifeWay.

5 thoughts on “Gaining Ground on “under God”

  1. Problem with polls such as these on what are or ought to be constitutional issues is that they give the impression that such principles are or ought to be decided based on popular opinion.


    • Well, in a way they should be decided by popular opinion. It was Congress in 1954 that added those words and if more people were against having those words in the Pledge and on our money, then maybe Congress would get the message. i don’t see that happening anytime soon, but I see this poll by AHA as positive that more people, when they know it wasn’t part of the original Pledge, against it.

      It’s also interesting that of those polled 2/3 identified as “Christian”, yet 34% of total said “under God” should be removed.

      Just an interesting article with some statistics that were eye opening.


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